Acceptance criteria

What are the acceptance criteria and their role in projects? Acceptance criteria (AC) are the conditions that a software product must meet to be accepted by a user, a customer, or other systems. They are unique for each user story and define the feature behavior from the end-user’s perspective. Acceptance criteria are the criteria used in … Continue reading Acceptance criteria

Acceleration Principle

What Is the Acceleration Principle? The acceleration principle is an economic concept that draws a connection between fluctuations in consumption and capital investment. It states that when demand for consumer goods increases, demand for equipment and other investments necessary to make these goods will grow even more. In other words, if a population’s income increases … Continue reading Acceleration Principle

Absorbed costs

What Is Absorbed cost? Absorbed cost, also known as absorption cost, is a managerial accounting method that includes both the variable and fixed overhead costs of producing a particular product. Knowing the full cost of producing each unit enables manufacturers to price their products. Calculating absorbed costs is part of a broader accounting approach called … Continue reading Absorbed costs

Absolute title

What Is an Absolute title? An absolute title, also known as a perfect title, to a property is free of any encumbrances or deficiencies. An absolute title gives an unequivocal right of ownership to the owner, and cannot be disputed or challenged by anyone else. This is opposed to titles with liens, attachments, or judgments … Continue reading Absolute title

Absolute assignment

Absolute Assignment stands for a complete transfer of all the rights of the policy from the assignor to the assignee without any further applicable conditions. Absolute Assignment is the transfer of right to a benefit from one person to another. It gives the recipient—the transferee—the rights that the owner or holder of the property—the transferor—had prior … Continue reading Absolute assignment