ASTRA analysis

ASTRA analysis method refers to the study of two problems related to the activities of the company. The first concerns of the diagnosis on strategic activities, as well as an analysis of what is happening inside and outside the company. The second comes down to modify previously adopted strategy, to withdraw from realizing it or adopt entirely new. ASTRA analysis is mainly used by the top management of the organization. It allows to specify the behaviour of the enterprise as a whole under the impact of a changing environment.


  1. Evaluation of the implementation of the current strategy
  2. Analysis of competitive environment
  3. Study on the organization and functioning of the company.
  4. Design of strategic options.

Evaluation of the implementation of the current strategy

In this step, managers examine the facts on the company in order to obtain information that will allow to make decisions regarding the correction of previously adopted strategy or completely withdraw from it. This phase should take into account in particular the “public needs test”, which are formulated in Mission of the company. These tests are essential, because they result shows that overlapping positive relationships between the company and the environment. Environment refers to the companies existing in the industry and to legal institutions, social insurance, etc. An important part of this step is to assess the cost-effectiveness of management strategies currently applied (yields, liquidity, solvency).

Analysis of competitive environment

This phase refers to the analysis of opportunities and threats for the company inherent in the environment. SWOT analysis is often used, which orients company in the marketplace and reveal position relative to competitors. To determine the position managers use different measures, e.g. market share, financial income, revenue from the sale, products and services, profit, profitability, rate of the share of exports and  domestic  production. SWOT analysis also includes in its structure survey and assessment of the possibility of disposing of products in various market segments and study of demands or expectations of buyers relative to the manufacturers or suppliers.

Study on the organization and functioning of the company

This step comes down to the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company. It should lead managers to solutions that will help to eliminate any irregularities in connection with the activities of the company. The first step is to apply these solutions that require minimal financial resources.

Design of strategic options

It consists of collecting all the information from previous stages and selection of most rational variant of strategic options. Each of the variants should be the subject of extensive research and evaluation. Selection of one of them must be based on reliable account of the effectiveness of the intended business ventures.